Friday, January 14, 2011

Mexico - Cozumel pictures

We have taken four trips on the ferry between Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel.

Sometimes, the waves were a little bit high; I fell off the chair on one of the ferry trips. I felt my upper body was slanted and ‘pong’ on the floor. And I heard people ‘ah’, I was aware nobody fell but just me. I went back to sit to ‘show’ I was fine. Should the chairs have safety belts?

And luckily, I didn’t throw up.

We heard about people going to Cozumel for diving, but we don’t know how to dive.

We joined a snorkeling tour; our tour guide didn’t take care of beginners.

Steve’s life jacket did not work. Steve panicked when he was in the water and dared not go in for the next two places.

Our hotel included buffet breakfast in their sister hotel. We ate a lot. However, I thought I got fried egg with tomato but I bit a weird texture in my mouth. I spit it out, and I guessed it might be raw fat. I regretted I didn’t complain about this.

Steve doesn’t want to drive in the traffic on Cozumel. I suggested renting a scooter but I needed to drive, because Steve doesn’t know to operate it. I have been driving a car instead of motorbike for years back in Penang, Malaysia, so you can imagine how nervous the rental people were about me driving their scooter! And I need to carry a big, 230lbs (now 225 lbs & dropping!) guy on back!

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