Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mexico - Cancun & Isla Mujeres pictures

We stayed in 2-3 star hotels, and each included a simple breakfast.

The second day in Cancun, Steve wore for the second time a pair of sandals he bought in Hawaii in Oct, 2007. While walking to the 28 Market downtown, the outsole of the sandals started coming apart. A lady noticed and said, “Follow me!” She led us to a shoe repair shop, which was one of the shops in 28 Market.

She asked the price and told us, it is 60 pesos to fix. We agreed and she left. After a while, it seemed the sandals were well done.

We continued our planned ferry ride over to Isla Mujeres. (However, Steve felt the repaired part of the sandal disturbing his feet. The sandals were eventually left behind in a hotel in Cozumel.)

Isla Mujeres has the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen.

The beaches have a fine, soft sand that is wonderful to walk on, and the water is clear and beautiful.

We tried the crepe, it is good. The vendor made the crepe by hand, but used a plastic bag to handle money.

What a beautiful sunset.

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