Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Make a sweet dream

We planted a grape vine two years ago.

A ‘Fox’ could not reach them and said: The grapes are sour!

I tried the grapes which we planted and I said the grapes are sour.

I dreamed I tried a grape again, and in my dream, ahh… these grapes are sweet. I said to myself: Why were they sour before? Maybe these are ripe enough!

In reality, they still didn’t taste sweet,

At least, a sweet dream would console and hide the disappointment?!


狐狸吃不到葡萄,不要说: 葡萄酸!


我做梦,在梦里我又吃了我们种的葡萄,ehh… 这葡萄是甜的呀,梦里远還自言自语: 为什么之前是酸的?可能这已夠成熟了吧!



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