Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I need to take driver training course

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I suspect my driving license in Malaysia might be a kopi license (“coffee money” license – here it means under-the-table money). I failed the on-road examination three times in America.

After failing the road examination three times, I received a letter requiring me to enroll with an instructor to complete a 20-hour behind the wheel driver training course. @%!^* Is my driving so bad…

我开始怀疑我在马来西亚的驾驶执照是kopi lesen,竟然考三次失败 美国的街上驾车考试。

三次不及格后,我收到的信是去驾驶学院拿20小时学习驾车才能再考。@%!^* 我的驾驶真的这么差吗


Anonymous said...

hi, xin ee,
What's wrong this time?

- Mei Juan

eHeart said...
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eHeart said...

Unfortunately i scared the tester - i didn't see the stop light hanging across the intersection (normally in Penang, the stop light is at the side of the road). The tester shouted 'red light' to me and i immediately stopped my car and the front wheels stopped over the white line.
That's bad, isn't it? i am still not familiar driving in America.

Anonymous said...

well, I think you haven't travelled enough in Malaysia to realise that there are different types of traffic light. Sorry to say that people,once they leave their homeland, tend to criticise their home, especially asians. You may not realise that, but, from the things you've written, it's obvious. Well, asians!

eHeart said...

I love my home country Malaysia.
I think most people love their homeland even though some are sad about their government. But I strongly believe they still love their home.
You are free to comment to my blog, but your generalization about Asians only shows your bigotry.