Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Feeling is a teacher in a special school. The students in Feeling’s class are geniuses; everyone has their outstanding talent. However, the characters of the students are very aloof and arrogant. They don’t like to be together in class and are seldom quiet; sometimes a few of them make a lot of noise. Feeling is biased also, and does not treat or act fairly to all students. Feeling loves those good students like Exciting, Glad, Happy, Cheerful, Comfort… but hates Anger, Sad, Depressed, Nervous, Fear…. Nevertheless, those students sense this aversion and want to get more attention, so they often make mischief, frustrating Feeling. Sometimes Feeling punishes them, but is sometimes forced to ignore them. So they become aggravated. Feeling is so tired after coming back home from school. Feeling calms down and knows that was not the right way to react. What is the actual problem? How to solve it? Feeling always thought to be responsible while teaching class, but Feeling wondered why some students are not obedient and are difficult to control? “Ah…isn’t it because I hate them for being disobedient and difficult to control them?” They don’t get attention so they play tricks…
Feeling decided to try up to show concern and look at them attentively.
That’s funny; when these students know their behaviors and actions are being seen and their teacher Feeling cares about them, they find it difficult to continue to be rude. They slowly quiet down.

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