Thursday, February 19, 2009


Recently, we watched the DVD ‘Crash’, which won 3 Academy Awards, including Best Picture in 2005. The film content is about the gray area between different races, the characters struggling and subjective problems from races colliding. However, the reality of their wrong behaviors is because they were filled with anger, hatred, worries, fear, loss, etc. Basically, these are not really caused by race issues.

’ll mention one of the points expressed in the film – a white cop’s father is sick and he is seeking approval from insurance for medicine, but the staff, a black lady, denied his request. So, he was angry and spoke roughly to this black lady. He was then filled with anger when he went on duty and stopped a car with a black couple. The black wife said something that angered him, so he purposely checked their whole body. The black husband endured seeing this cop touching his wife’s private parts. After that, his wife was very sad and angry because he didn’t do anything and he even apologized to that cop. The next day, she went to her husband’s office and they had an argument again. She got angrier and drove away. On her way she got into an accident and her car flipped upside down with gas leaking out. As that white cop was on duty and saw the accident, he rushed to help. When she noticed who he was, she didn’t want him to touch her. However, he softly said he really meant to help her out. Finally, he tried his best, even though he knew that he might lose his life, and pulled her out before the explosion. When they looked at each other after they were safe, was she so grateful that it diminished the hate caused by the insult? Was his kindness already putting out the fire of anger?

There are some scenes in this movie about the issues between different races that cause us to think deep…

最近看 ‘Crash’ DVD,這部得到2005年最佳影片獎。其内容是不同膚色人間的冲突,人物都以主觀對外在看來是種族間的抵觸產生的問題,但實際上是人物内在的憤怒、憎恨、担心、害怕等而做出不當的行為,根本並不是種族的問題。

稍提影片表達的其中一點 - 人物中一位白人警察,他父親有病,他找醫药保險,但被保險公司的女黑人職員拒絕他的要求,他因此而大罵女黑人。他内心氣憤的巡車值班,在途中特意截停一對黑人夫婦,黑人的妻子太多話激起他的憎恨,借故审查他們的全身,丈夫啞忍看着這白人警察摸着妻子私处。過后妻子很傷心又生氣丈夫的忍受没為她反抗反而須向警察道歉,隔天早晨又再去丈夫工作處吵了一會,妻子怒氣難消駕車離去,結果車禍,她的汽車四輪朝天,汽油洩出,白人警察剛好巡車看到車禍即跑向前協助,當她看到是這白人警察時,不願讓他碰,但他婉轉表示是要帮她脱困,在最後關頭他冒着汽車爆炸前幾乎會捨命的把她救出,两人脱離危險後的對望,她内心的感激是否已消除了曾被污辱的憎恨?他内在的善念是否已熄滅了憤怒之火?


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