Friday, July 18, 2008

Long episode novel



A long time ago, I used to be fascinated with stories about ancient Chinese people with martial arts, and would borrow and read the novels. I would also read the episodes of a novel that were printed in the newspaper everyday for a while. Mmm…those novels’ characters were so lively, as described by the author, with weird, confusing, dangerous, complicated, mysterious plots. Some characters … “hide a dagger in a smile” – having a murderous heart hidden behind a smiling exterior – or “kill with a borrowed knife” – tricking an ally to attack one's rival. You might hate those villains very much. Of course, some characters … treated each other with great sincerity, have a strong sense of justice and were ready to help the weak. You might have loved those heroes and heroines very much. And they contended with each other for the highest position, using their strategies either openly or as secret means to fight each other. However, evil can never prevail over good at the end of the story! The famous author 金庸 (Jin Yong) is very popular; I admire his literary talent very much!

Recently, I have been reading the ‘long episode novel’ of Malaysia’s politicians (news) everyday. Ahh…those politicians are like the characters in a novel… up to now, I still can’t read which one is good and which one is evil! Hey…who is the author?

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