Sunday, July 6, 2008

Butterfly melody

This is the butterfly house here.


The butterflies are flying around the house; 


但這個門牠們肯定推不開!sure they can’t push this door open! 

穿鞋子的蝴蝶?This butterfly is wearing shoes?


We were in the butterfly house but my memory flew back to the butterfly farm in Penang…. 


我帶Steve來到 Teluk Bahang參觀蝴蝶公園,Steve拿着相機拍照,相機卻不知何故無法操作,我看他弄着但還是不能,他說要試換另一個存儲卡,就打開相機袋,小小的相機袋一打開,看到裡邊有一個盒子,他只好拿出盒子及打開它是一顆鑽石戒指,他遞向我說,這不是很适合的地方,我應找一處羅曼蒂克的環境,但我不能再隱藏它。你願意嫁给我嗎?我對這樣的情景有点突然,也見有其他遊客在這兒,我要他先收回戒指就這樣他忐忑了整個下午,不知我是否答應。至到晚上,他又提起但也不是在羅曼蒂克的環境下向我求婚咧

I brought Steve to visit the butterfly farm. He was taking some pictures and suddenly he found that his camera wouldn’t operate. I saw him trying but it still didn’t work. He said he had to change the memory card. He opened up his camera case; there was a box in his little camera case. So he took out the box and opened it… It had a diamond ring. He handed it to me and said, “This is not a right place, and I wanted to choose a romantic place but I can’t hide it anymore. Will you marry me?” That surprised me, and I saw some visitors around there, so, I wanted him to put the ring back…he was wondering the whole day what my answer was. Until that night, when he mentioned it again…. However, his proposal was not at a romantic place…

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