Saturday, April 23, 2016

2016 St. Louis Malaysian & Singaporean Pot Luck

Today was a pot-luck gathering of Malaysians & Singaporeans from the region.  Attendance was great, and some people drove several hours from other states to attend!

The festivities have outgrown any one person's home, so this year it was held at Creve Coeur Park.

The Singapore (left) & Malaysia (right) flags were up, just in case the aroma of all the food didn't tell people they were in the right place.  :-) 

The theme of the gathering is, of course, FOOD!  

I brought vegetarian 'char siu' (Chinese BBQ sauce on 'meatless pork'.)

 These are just a few of the curries.  Here we have the chicken, beef, and pork curries.

 All kinds of noodles

The desserts table. 
Curry puffs were gone quickly, seemed very popular.

More curry!  This one is fish curry (asam ikan)

Enjoying lunch and a beautiful view of Creve Coeur Lake.

The food theme continues!
Everyone enjoyed the homemade dishes.

Beautiful day, great turnout, & many wonderful, wonderful people!
Thanks to our organizer, Daniel.

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Anonymous said...

We had around 130 folks who attended during our 6-hour event! Thanks to all who participated and supported our potluck! Great food and great fellowship!!!