Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I went out this morning with trash bags, thinking to help clean up a little bit in Ferguson (while Steve was at work, or he would have tried to stop me), just about 2 miles from home (in Florissant), as many people were out there last night. And the second thought was to see what was going on.

These are pictures I took the morning after the grand jury's decision was announced.
Walmart and Sams are not open, and security was patrolling the area.

A beauty store was burned down at the corner of the W. Florissant Ave and Chambers Rd.


Walgreens was looted at the other corner of W. Florissant Ave and Chambers Rd.

The street was blocked south of W Florissant Ave, where I saw there was still a lot of smoke.

I joined this guy picking up trash...
After that I drove to the north of W. Florissant Ave.

Here, several cars at an auto car dealer were burnt.

The Conoco gas station next to that auto car dealer was burnt, too.

Around the Conoco gas station, there were many cut up plastic cups spread all over.
Someone joined me when I was picking up the trash...

I don't want to say any comment or thoughts. I just want to raise awareness, do what I can do and do no harm.

From Yahoo news:
"The grand jury's decision means that Officer Darren Wilson, who is white, will not face any state criminal charges for killing Brown, whose death inflamed deep racial tensions between many black Americans and police."


Anonymous said...

Mob rule


Anonymous said...

Sin E, that was brave and kind.


eHeart said...

I didn't think I am brave and kind enough. Anyway, thanks Carol.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful act! Be mindful of your surrounding & take care of your own safety though...

Swee Hong

eHeart said...

Swee Hong,
I will, but where is the safe place in the world now?

Anonymous said...

Very nice of you. Be safe!


Anonymous said...

Extraordinary act. We need more caring & conscientious citizen like you. Be vigilant & do not underestimate the possibility of getting yourself into an undesired situation. Better to work in group or carry a concealed weapon (legally, with permit). Under the current condition, you just don't know what may happen. Be kind & remember to be safe too.


eHeart said...

Anyone can influence anyone, either be good or bad.

Anonymous said...

That reminds me the Los Angeles's riot.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for raising awareness, for being present, for your courage.


Anonymous said...

Good job. i trust it was safe there on site.