Saturday, October 25, 2014

Norway - Svolvaer


The next morning, we heard the announcement about the port...
We realized Hurtigruten has several cruises constantly going both northbound and southbound, and sometimes they meet each other in ports.

And we found their schedule sheet, the cruise stops at 33 ports.

When we got on the ship at midnight, we were tired.
That staff booked the cruise for us without a cabin, she said they have many sofas that we could lay on. But it was a 17 hours trip, and not booking a cabin was rather a poor choice.

For the duration of the trip, we used our luggage to build a small, fortified nest on one of the sofas in the lounge. Fortunately, this is off-season, so it wasn't a problem.
Since we didn't have a cabin, Steve 'worried' about just leaving our bags unattended in the lounge area.

The cruise stopped at Stokmarknes for one hour.

Here the guests can visit the Hurtigruten museum - free entry for people on the cruise ship.
After that, the cruise sailed through the passage of Raftsundet.

As the weather permitted, the cruise made a detour, sailing into Trollfjord.
"The Arctic Trollfjord is a 2 km long sidearm of Raftsund between Lofoten islands and Vesteralen archipelago. With its narrow entrance and steep mountain sides, the Trollfjord is really exotic and spectacular."

The cruise managed to make a U-turn here, at the end of the fjord.

"The entrance is so narrow it looks like it is not possible for such a large ship to enter, and it looks even more impossible to to turn the large ship at the end of the fjord. The steep mountain sides add to this amazing experience, and Sea eagles circling around the mountain peaks are quite a common sigh"

"The mouth of the Trollfjord is only 100 meters wide, and widens to a maximum width of 800 meters. The steep mountains surrounding the fjord are between 600 and 1100 meters high."

We arrived Svolvaer, where we crossed a short bridge to a tiny island to the Rica hotel we booked.

Because Steve didn't have a good sleep on the cruise's sofa, he was exhausted and we went bed early. So, we missed a night of hunting Aurora again.
Oh well, we enjoyed the breakfast in the hotel dining room with a beautiful view.

我們乘 Hurtigruten 郵輪,抵達 Lofoten islands 的 Svolvaer,很小的鎮,問了一些去其它城市的交通資料,因為不是旺季了,只有一班6.50am的渡輪,所以又選擇8.30pm的 Hurtigruten 郵輪。
The tourist center in Svolvaer was already closed when we first arrived, but the hotel staff gave us some information. So, we decided take Hurtigruten cruise again to our next destination.  The next morning, we went to the tourist center for more information.

We spent the day wandering around.

We walked closer to Svolvaergeita mountain, the Goat's Horns.

After that, we walked across the bridge to the small island of Svinoya.

Here we got another view of the Goat's Horns. The rocks looked like a love couple to me, before I knew the name.

"There are two spiky rocks which only the most experienced rock climbers can (safely) reach."
"Svolvaergeita has many routes, but all end at the Storhorn (big horn) with the following jump to the Lillehorn (little horn). The jump is 1.5 meters across, and about a meter down. It's the perfect climbing stunt, because it is just possible, but hard enough to give one pause."

Let's receive all the good and positive energy. 吸收所有好、善、正面的能量。

During winter, the fishermen in Svinoya use these wooden racks to dry fish.

The unique little wooden houses on the sea.

Walk to the tip of the island - Fiskerkona (Fisherman's wife) statue, says goodbye to fishermen in the harbor and waits for their safe return. 

The statue stands atop the light house.

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