Saturday, July 13, 2013

Indonesia - Bali

This is the top of the hotel where we stayed for 4 nights near Kuta beach.  

A shopping mall. 

We hired a taxi to/from Uluwatu. 

Entry ticket to Uluwatu was IDR20,000.  

Kecak Ramayana & Fire Dance at Uluwatu. IDR70,000 per adult. 
After the show, we went back to the hotel and I discovered I left my camera in the taxi. 
I prayed the driver would return my camera, as we had hired him for the next day to Ubud. 

As I wished, I got back my camera.  
Monkey Forest.

Paddy field at Desa PekramanTegallalang.

Tanah Lot.

Entry ticket IDR30,000. 

Very cloudy, no sunset but beautiful colors light. 

I took some tour brochures at Bali airport.  Many tour agents with comparative prices.
I referred to their prices to hire a taxi/car, and activities.

For example, we went to the 'Sea Walker' experience - wearing a heavy metal helmet with an oxygen line up to the boat, and walking on the sea floor to see coral and fishes. The agent showed the price list and said it is US$70 (IDR700,000). I think because one of us is American, they have US dollar price list. I showed the brochure price is IDR400,000.
例如,我們去玩'Sea Walker',代理員拿出單價說,US$70(IDR700,000)。我想是因為他看我們其中一人是白人,他們有特別的美金價。我讓他看傳單上的價錢是IDR400,000。

Parasailing is $20 (IDR200,000), the brochure is IDR100,000.
Why pay more?

Having my first experience parasailing.

GWK ticket IDR80,000.  This is the statue of Garuda's (the "G" in GWK) head.  His wings haven't been made yet.

 This is Wisnu (Vishnu) - the "W" in GWK.  When complete, this statue will be mounted on top of the Garuda statue.

 Barong dance at GWK.

Dreamland beach. Parking fee IDR15,000. 

Pura Desa Batuan, ancient temple. 

Gao Gajah ticket IDR15,000 

 The monument.

 Volcano view at Kintamani, ticket IDR10,000. 

Jimbaran, cloudy and no sunset again. 

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