Monday, February 25, 2013

US - Everglades and Coral Castle

I thought we lost our rental car's license plate. 
We didn't.  Cars don't need a license plate in front in Florida. 

Spanish moss hanging from the trees in the parking lot at Flamingo Point in Everglades National Park.

 Wild life, many kind of birds.

The Great blue heron is the largest of the wading birds.

Special adaptations enable the Anhinga to swim underwater in search of fish. Because its feathers become too wet to fly, it spreads its wings to dry.

American alligators.

A stall having some tropical fruits, like papaya, ciku, etc.
 I had never seen some of the fruits in there.

I tasted these two new fruits as they got ripe enough to eat.

 This Coral Castle was built by one man, from 1923-1951.

At that time, the visitor just paid 10 cents for admittance. 
2013, the entrance fee is $15.

The chair, carved out of coral, is quite comfortable.

Definitely, I love the big and small hearts-shaped coral 'Feast of Love Table'.  

And I found a heart shaped souvenir in their gift shop.

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Anonymous said...

They are fantastic photos! Where were they taken from? It sounds like a great place to visit! I especially love the birds photos!

Thank you for sharing,