Monday, November 8, 2010

Self-awareness of emotions and feelings

The assignment this week is to observe your feelings/emotions in various situations throughout the day. You should write at least three situations:

1. Simply describe the situation, example: my coworker wants me to help with his job…
2. This issue makes me feel (any emotion, positive or negative), example: angry, happy, anxious, etc.
3. Rate the intensity of the emotion/feeling – 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), example: rate 7
4. How long did the emotion/feeling affect me, example: 1 hour

这星期的功课: 观察你在生活事件中出现的情绪感受


1. 简单描述事件,例子: 我的同事要我幫他的工作

2. 这事让你感觉(任何正或负面情绪/感受),例子: 氣憤、高興、焦急或其他

3. 评估那情绪感受的激烈度 - 1(最低)到10(最高),例子: 評估7

4. 那情绪感受影响我多久,例子: 1小時

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