Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why is different?

When I saw a kid having an ice-pop in a photo taken by Stan, my memory went back to that time when ice-pops were a childhood treat. Sucking the icy, sweet taste from the ice-pop; it was such a joyful moment…

At that time, my family bought the long plastic bags and we made the ice-pops. Sometimes we had soymilk, or sweetened red bean soup; sometimes we made fruit juice favorites. Not only did we like it, the neighborhood kids were attracted too. So, we sold to them.

However, we don’t know why the trend of having ice-pops is gone. I almost forget the existence of these joyful memories…

One day, we bought a box of ice-pops (western style) at a store. Ah yoo… all are soda favorites. I have a few tastes. Hmm, why couldn’t I feel that joyful moment again?

The time and age are different?

The maturity and mind are different?




那天在市埸店买了一西方人吃的冰条,ah yoo…都是汽水做的口味,我吸了几口。嗯,怎么找不回那种享受的感觉了?



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