Friday, February 5, 2010

Where is home?

In the turbulent days after the last Dynasty in China

A lot of Chinese migrated

Dad followed his sister to the South Sea when he was young

To Malaya

He worked very hard and did many kinds of jobs

Mom followed her mother to the South Sea when she was a girl.

To Malaya

She married, had kids and was thrifty

They just wanted a simple safe living

If not because of the messed community

Who would want to leave their hometown

Suffered with homesick and inconvenienced

Be conscientious and contented

From a red identity card changed to citizen

Sweet life after sweating

This is the hometown where kids were born and grew up

They yelled and celebrated Malaysia

Here is home

Parents stayed until resting in peace outside their hometown

Their kids make effort and contribute to the country

Other people’s kids also make effort

Other people’s grandkids make effort too

But the community is becoming mess

It doesn’t look like an ideal home anymore

They try to leave their home

To find a place where they can smile and rest in peace outside their hometown

*This article is to thank my late parents and others who contributed to Malaysia.*


Xiu Juan said...

Yup, this is the same thing wonder on my mind recently... I'm looking for chance, i hope i can meet one :)

eHeart said...

We just want a simple safe living, but i wonder why so difficult...
Xiu Juan, yes, need to have HOPE always.