Tuesday, January 12, 2010


After I watched the movie “Avatar” in 3D, I found its story about the greed and ignorance of some human beings. In order to get the resources from another planet, humans just destroy their environment. On the other hand, the aliens are living in natural way. They would not kill beings without reason, even though they need to hunt for food, they are grateful to those beings. They also have the ability to connect to plants and animals, understanding and accepting each other. They appreciate each other staying together there.

Another thing, it lets me think about human creativity in science and technology…

Movies are an entertainer for the eyes and ears, especially in 3D. We put on the glasses for the 3D movie, and we experience close to living pictures.

I imagine at movies in the future; we will put on an ‘iHat’. We will experience the same emotions, like joy, anger, sadness, happiness, etc., as the characters in the movie, and also the feelings like kissing, hugging, being beaten, being killed, etc, all from the script of the movie… After the ending, you take off the iHat, and you are back to the real world in the theater. Do you think it is possible to have this kind of creation?

I think nothing is impossible in the future if the earth still exists for several years.

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