Thursday, January 29, 2009

Coffee addiction

Since coffee became my addiction, I need the black powder everyday. I thought to get rid of it several times, but I am not really strong minded. In fact, I think I am similar to some people who like smoking and have difficulties quitting cigarettes. If I go one day without having coffee, I get a headache and it is difficult to give up. Even though coffee drinkers might have a sense of superiority when drinking an expensive coffee in a branded coffee shop, it is not like a smoker, who needs to go to a separate area to have a smoke. In fact, I have difficulty denying the lust for the aroma of coffee.

The human habit, we do not want to change it if it is not a threat to our health!

When will I stop drinking coffee?

I walk to kitchen to brew my coffee…






阿洛 said...


eHeart said...


Anonymous said...

hi, sin ee,
when did u get edicted with coffee, huh? :-) now Umei got another member in her coffee crazy gang liao. :-)

- Mei Juan

eHeart said...

Mei Juan,
i don't think so, Umei never invite me to have coffee with her. :~|

sharon said...

Hi!Then did you buy coffee powder from ur Vietnam trip last time? I am not a coffee lover, don't know how to savour coffee.hehe!

eHeart said...

Hi sharon,
Yes, I did. hehe...

Anonymous said...

haha... next time you guys meet, will have similar topics on coffee mar... :-)

Mei Juan